Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thinking- March 2010

Been doing a lot more reading as of late, which you can all deduce from the feeble amount of postings on here. Recent reading material has caused me to think. Thinking has caused me to think about how I think. Confused?
I've been reading a lot of essays about personality- ways of thinking and how and why decisions are made. Many nights have been spent on my red sofa thinking and writing about my own mental processes thus leading to some interesting revelations. At least to me. It seemed to explain a lot about my frustrations when it comes to writing. Quite an 'a-ha' moment for me.
What I've come to realize, is that I do not and cannot think linearly. Furthermore, I often do not speak linearly either, at least when engaged in free conversation. If linear thinking is like reading a novel from page to page, my way of thinking is more akin to a romp through Wikipedia. You stop at one entry, see a hyperlink that sparks your interest, click it, see another, click that, and so on. I cannot think in a straight line. It's all one big Venn diagram.
I'm reminded of my mother's concern over my 'organization' of things- mainly school related. However, even to this day when I attempt to compartmentalize I end up losing things. It doesn't work for me. I'm not saying it has to be all entropy and disorder, but a traditional 'organized' way doesn't particularly work for me.
My frustrations with writing stem from unconsciously trying to go against the tide and select only bits and pieces rather than just let everything wash ashore. Sort it out later. I guess I've forgotten about the purpose of the 'blog.' Chaos is alright.

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

1) Autechre- Oversteps
2) Andrew Weatherall- A Pox on the Pioneers
3) Ralph Towner- Solstice
4) Gil Scott-Heron- I'm New Here
5) Massive Attack- Heligoland
6) Hall & Oates- War Babies
7) Gang Gang Dance- Saint Dymphna
8) Scorn- Stealth
9) XTC- Skylarking
10) XTC- Oranges & Lemons


  1. Thanks for the post! I love reading your blog.

  2. Hey Ian -

    You think too much, man! But I definitely know that when you're on your own, you have a lot of time to really figure yourself out...I can't believe you've been over there for as long as you have! I hope you're still enjoying it and that you're taking in as much as you can. This is definitely a unique experience. Unfortunately, not much is new here in NJ. Just keeping busy with work and such. Marilyn has reached the halfway point to becoming a doctor, Tricia has a few more months of being a senior, and Marykate is going to be partying her butt off in Amsterdam this week! She and a few of her friends all turn 21 within a few weeks so they thought they'd celebrate in Amsterdam! Enjoy it while it's legal, I guess.

    Just finished "I Am Ozzy" - Ozzy Osbourne
    Must say, I really enjoyed the book , but was even more stunned to find out that your Uncle Gene shook Ozzy's hand at a concert at Montclair State College in the early 70's!!!

    Also read "The Man, The Music, and The Mafia" - Tommy James
    Enjoyed this book too. Man Record companies and managers were serious thieves in the 60's!

    Currently Listening -

    Richard Ashcroft - Human Conditions
    Genesis - Trick of the Tail
    Black Sabbath - Masters of Reality
    The Blue Nile - Hats
    George Benson - Breezin'
    America - Homecoming
    Blood Sweat & Tears - Greatest Hits
    Joseph Arthur - Redemption's Son

  3. Thanks! I'm still having a good time. Uncle Gene and Ozzy is a bit of a shocker! I vaguely remember my dad mentioning seeing Black Sabbath at Montclair, but I didn't hear that one!
    That Tommy James book sounds really interesting. Supposedly, "Hesh" from the Sopranos was based on Morris Levy from Roulette, so I guess that makes sense.