Sunday, January 24, 2010

January 25, 2010

A belated thanks to all those who sent cards- it meant a lot to me to receive thoughts from back home! It was wonderful to hear that everyone is doing well.
Exactly one year has passed which completely blows my mind. It has been a success so far, yet I still feel that there is a bit more exploring to do. I can honestly say that 2009 was quite possibly the most peaceful year I have ever have- at least since I was a very young child. No pressure.

Some random thoughts= finally sat and watched Slumdog Millionaire for the first time- well-deserved praise, rediscovering the Wrinkle in Time series by Madeleine L'engle, thinking of taking a vacation- where to go? and a quick rant: I've absolutely no desire to hear another Michael Jackson tune ever again. I've always enjoyed the Jackson 5, Off the Wall, and Thriller, but the Japanese have officially killed it for me. STILL, anytime you walk into a store it's always MJ. In Hiroshima, there was even a shrine built to him. A tragedy, yes but enough already! I was not around when Lennon was shot but can distinctly remember the deaths of Kurt Cobain, Jeff Buckley, Freddie Mercury, Joe Strummer among others where there was a significant amount of coverage that eventually just kind of hovered in the atmosphere rather than being shoved in your face. Even the death of James Brown who paved the way for cats like MJ was a rather light affair compared to this. It was sad, but enough already. Once again the media manipulating the public (and their wallets). We'll save that for another time.

Anyway, thanks again for the New Year's wishes and glad everyone is doing well. Stay well

1) A Wind in the Door- Madeleine L'engle
2) "Into the Night Life"- Henry Miller

1) The Necks- Silverwater
2) Knifeworld- Buried Alone
3) Frank Zappa / Mothers of Invention- Burnt Weeny Sandwich
4) Prefab Sprout- Let's Change the World With Music
5) Black Sabbath- Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
6) Aphex Twin- Drukqs
7) Oren Ambarchi- In the Pendulum's Embrace
8) El Perro Del Mar- "Change of Heart" (possibly the greatest 'pop' song of the last few years)
9) Momus- Ping Pong
10) XTC- Black Sea

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  1. Hey Ian -

    I was never really much into MJ so it wouold drive me nuts to have to listen to it as much as you have been expose to! Not taking away that he was talented...Oddly enough I've been rediscovering Alice Cooper!
    Other than that not much else is new. MK is enjoying herself in England and the weather has turned ridiculously cold here. I believe we have Skype hooked up on one of our computers now, so I am going to talk to your Dad and see when I can jump in to your next session when I'm off on a Sunday! Talk to you soon. BTW - Don;t know if you've checked out any of the Beatles Remasters yet...If you haven't get the Past Masters. It's a two disc set, but I have heard a lot of difference in the early stuff! Well worth it.